A blogroll is useful for many different reasons but it is mainly based on creating links to other websites. They can be a great promotional aid and may help readers find related content that could be useful to them.

Blogroll Auto Linker – This great tool is useful in making it possible to easily link to another site in your posts by using your blogroll. This also allows you to use the auto link feature with smart tags by putting the name of the blog in brackets.

Blogroll Links – This is another great plugin that features the ability to quickly and easily manage your links to other websites through the blogroll. This is useful for linking to friends or other blogs that you use.

Blogroll to Google CSE – This is a great tool if you will be linking to permalinks. It easily creates a database and custom search engine that runs off of Google and lists your links first.

Blogroll Fun – Show Last Post and Update Time – This is a great tool that can help you show your readers the last post time and update time. This can be very helpful when readers want to go to pages that are actually updated every so often.

Auto Blogroll – This is a simple tool to create and manage a blogroll for link building. It is a great plugin that simplifies everything for you and makes it possible to link to any website or post.