WordPress blogs are prone to being attacked in many ways. One simple way to protect your blog as well as the readers who visit your page is by integrating an antivirus plugin. These plugins are great for use towards virus protection from spammers and more.

Anti Virus – This is a useful plugin to help protect your blog from spammers and virus infections. It detects permalink backdoor viruses and much more. You can even run a manual virus test with instant results.

Paranoid 911 – This is a very useful plugin that is designed to warn you of any changes made to your blog without your consent. It helps to prevent hackers and virus infections from doing too much damage to your WordPress blog.

Spam Bam – This is a useful tool to prevent spammers from abusing your comments. This is also useful as well to prevent unnecessary posts from spamming bots that will post links and exploits where viruses could take over your blog reader’s computers.

WP Security Scan – This is a very useful plugin that is designed to help scan and find any and all vulnerabilities in your WordPress blog installation. It is very useful in helping to correct the issues and makes it possible to prevent hacking and virus attacks as well.