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How We Work

We Know the basic fact: people who need websites in their businesses and organizations do not have, nor should they be expected to have, the knowledge necessary to develop their own site. They should know how to hire a good web developer to bring their site to life with the information and content that their customers need.
We offer a free analysis of your website needs, and this initial meeting is one of the most important things we can offer you. It is not easy for most business people to decide what kind of site you need, which pages you should include, how they should be presented to best satisfy your prospective new customers, what kind of design and navigation would work best, how it should be organized, etc. Our initial meeting normally makes things a lot clearer and give you a solid basis for making decisions.

Some businesses need a fairly simple site, and others will need a more complicated website that can be user-updatable. Part of our analysis will help you determine what your company actually needs, how it can best be presented, and how it should be promoted.
After our first meeting we will normally prepare a professional quote for you, outlining exactly what you can expect us to do, how many pages your site will have, and what those pages will consist of. We outline time lines (i.e. an initial design for you to inspect within X days), deposit requirements, and much more.
Items such as email boxes, hosting (quarterly or annually, or self-hosted) are addressed, as well as methods of payment we accept. We put it in writing so that there will be no mis-understandings when we undertake your project.
We also pride outselves in the ability to explain your website in simple terms so that there is a clear understanding of all aspects of your site creation. We avoid “tech talk” whenever possible. Our websites are also created from a business orientation, and not just technical aspects that might seem trendy or cool but whose usage may actually be detrimental to your site.

Expected Result

• Your website will promote a positive image of your company.and significantly increase new prospects
• Logo and other branding products to improve your image to customers, prospects, and employees. This can often allow you to increase prices and profits due to perceptions of higher quality.
• Increased business growth

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